Immigrants and the Labour Markets. Experiences from abroad and Finland.
Elli Heikkilä (Ed.)
Publications 17.
Migration Institute of Finland 2017.
245 p.

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Immigrants and the Labour Markets

Immigrants and the Labour Markets

The focus of this book is the position of immigrants in the labour markets, since this is a central indicator of the social status of immigrants and ethnic groups. Employment is one of the main foundations for the successful integration of immigrants. What has often been raised in research on and discussions of the issue in societies is the fact that it is more difficult for immigrants to find a job, expecially a job that corresponds to their educational background, than it is for the native population. As a result, the former often have significantly higher unemployment rates than the latter. This is naturally connected to economic cycles, which affect the demands for labour during both boom times and recessions.

The purpose of this book is to broaden our understanding and to explore labour issues and immigration from different perspectives as well as other specific themes from a wide range of viewpoints, including theoretical and empirical analyses. The chapters highlight immigrant experiences both from abroad and Finland.

ISBN: 978-952-7167-39-7 (printed)
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ISSN: 2343-3507 (printed)
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