The user fee gives access to all the information in the Emigrant Register online databases. It also includes guidance and counseling for searching the databases. The registration fee is 30 € per year (~US$36, eventual US Dollar price depends on the currency exchange rate).

Payment is made by adding the product or service to the “shopping cart” and then choosing payment method.

Note: Please, order the user fee as one order. Do not include other products with it. Please, order them in a new order.

30,00 €
Emigrant register fee

Emigrant register fee

The international internet-service is for credit card users. Credit card is preferred for foreign customers, but is also available to Finnish customers (Finnish customers, please, go to our Finnish web shop for other payment options). You can also pay the user fee by transferring the money by payment order. The payment order works as follows. In any bank, mention your wish to transfer money to the bank account of the Institute of Migration in Finland. The account number can be found in your order receipt which you get when paying the fee in our web shop and choosing “Invoice” as the payment method. You can print the receipt for your reference. NOTE for the customers outside European Union: Your bank may charge you an additional fee for the payment order.

After the payment, the customer must register as a user by filling out a form. When the registration information has been sent, the user is notified by email and must confirm the registration by clicking on the link in the email. After this the database is accessible by the user ID and password given in the registration information. These can be changed afterwards. If the email-registration fails, the user must contact the webmaster at the Institute of Migration.

Registration (for those who have paid)

What do I get for the user fee?

Registered users have access to all the information in the following databases

  • Passenger lists (318 000 records)
  • Passport records (261 000 records)
  • References to books and newspapers (19 200 records)
  • Register of Australian Finns (3 800 records)
  • Register of New Zealand Finns (1 100 records)
  • Finnish Russians 1930-1950 (8 000 records)
  • Martyrology of Ingrian Finns (6 100 records) (downladable PDF file, in Finnish only)
  • Forest Finns in Sweden in the 16th & 17th century (1 500 records) Also available in Swedish: Svedjefinnar i Sverige

The user fee includes access to the databases and personal assistance with further searches. Searches in the other databases of the Institute of Migration or other sources like the Genealogical Society of Finland or Ellis Island are not included in the user fee.

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